RDA Contact Information:

Please email RDA at rdahelp@ucar.edu or for additional contact information, please see the Support tab above.

About the RDA Dataset Submission Menu:

There are six tabs that are currently available:

  • Submission Home: The Home page of the RDA Dataset Submission System. This page provides a quick introduction of the system, the access to the Dataset Submission Form, and the overview of the RDA Appraisal and Selection process.
  • My Submissions: The page that allows the potential dataset submitter to edit or delete an existing Dataset Submission Form that has been saved as "Work In Progress" or view a previously submitted, accepted or rejected Dataset Submission Forms.
  • Form Instructions: The page that provides detailed description and requirements of the fields that are on the Dataset Submission Form.
  • Decision Workflow: The page that provides the information regarding the next steps for the dataset submitter after the Dataset Submission Form is submitted, accepted, or rejected.
  • Terms & Conditions: The page that provides additional rules and regulations when using the RDA Dataset Submission System.
  • Help: The page that provides help specifically relating to the RDA Dataset Submission system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why do I need to create an account?
    • The creation of an account allows the dataset submitter to have the benefit of accessing RDA's Dataset Submission system.  The Dataset Submission system provides customized RDA data services and support, including My Submissions dashboard.  The dashboard serves as a centralized location for organizing the dataset submission process, so that the dataset submitter should find the process more streamlined.  
  • Why am I asked to provide dataset information for the appraisal and selection process?
    • The fields requested by the Dataset Submission Form are essential information for the DECS team members to understand the nature of the dataset.  By providing the relevant dataset information through the Dataset Submission Form, the dataset submitter helps in enabling the following:
      • DECS team member's evaluation of the dataset's compatibility with RDA's dataset collection and the dataset's potential contribution to RDA's overall mission statement.
      • Standardized information input format.
      • Maintain a documented, consistent, and fair system for assessing new datasets.
      • Encourage sharing of project-specific knowledge from the dataset submitters to improve the metadata and provenance records for a dataset.
  • If my dataset has been rejected for ingest with the RDA and I do not deposit the dataset with another archive/repository, will the RDA consider my dataset at a later time?
    • Depending on the original reason for not accepting the dataset, it is possible for the RDA to re-evaluate the dataset and update its previous decision.  However, the RDA DECS team cannot guarantee re-evaluation within a specific time frame at this time.
  • What do I do if I have questions about the mandatory fields on the Dataset Submission Form?
    • Contact the RDA manager (schuster AT ucar DOT edu); additional contact information can be found under the About/Contact page.
  • Can the information for the mandatory fields be changed later after the Dataset Submission Form has been submitted?
    • Yes, if the submission is accepted for RDA archiving and access, a DECS dataset specialist will collaborate with the Dataset Contact to assure the fields are correct and follow best practices for long-term archiving.
  • How long does it take for the DECS team to reach a decision?  
    • This depends on the complexity of the dataset and completeness of the information.  Normally, one or two weeks.
  • How often would the Dataset Contact and/or the Dataset Scientific Contact need to be in communication with the RDA DECS team during the ingest process?  
    • More frequently in the beginning, especially when the data are being check (usually a sample file or two would be reviewed) and when the metadata are received (either internal to the files or as separate documents) and being added to the RDA system.  Once to a few times a week would be typical.