RDA Search and Browse Tools

The following dataset metadata fields are indexed (meaning that each word in the field is turned into a keyword in a database):

  • Title
  • Summary
  • References (publications)
  • Science Keywords and Detailed Variables
  • Projects and Supported Projects

Part of the indexing includes saving the relative position of each word within the indexed field. For example, the following dataset summary snippet:

"The 5-degree latitude/longitude grids contained in this dataset ... "

gets indexed as follows:

Keyword : Position

The : 1
5-degree : 2
5 : 2
degree : 2
latitude/longitude : 3
latitude : 3
longitude : 3
grids : 4
contained : 5
in : 6
this : 7
dataset : 8

How Datasets are Ranked in Search/Browse Results

When a user enters keywords into the Google-like dataset search or makes selections from the "Look for Data" browse menus, a list of datasets is provided that matches the keywords or selections. The dataset ordering is not by dataset number. Here's how the ordering is done:

  • Dataset Search:
  • "Look for Data" Browse: