Additional RDA Services

Data Rescue from 7-track and 9-track Tapes

Tape Drives

NCAR's Research Data Archive owns three tape drives (one 7-track drive and two 9-track drives) for reading data stored on half-inch magnetic tapes. The 7-track drive is capable of reading 556 and 800-bpi densities, and the 9-track drives can read 800 through 6250-bpi densities. We are also able to perform character conversions if necessary (BCD to ASCII and EBCDIC to ASCII).

If you have data stored on magnetic tapes but have no way to read them, we may be able to recover the data for you. Please contact us for more information on our data rescue services. In some cases, a service charge may apply.

GCMD Keyword Viewer

View the NASA Global Change Master Directory keywords used by the RDA. Click here to launch the viewer.

Data Management

The RDA specializes in managing atmospheric and climate datasets by providing long-term preservation of and access services for those datasets. We welcome submission requests for data that primarily support the core weather and climate research sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and are evaluated for relevance to existing RDA collections. For more information, or to submit a request, please see our Dataset Submission System.


Outline/Boundary Data for Political and Other Geographical Entities

Get a list of latitude/longitude coordinates that define the outlines/boundaries of most political and other geographical entities.