Citations FAQ

Where should data be cited?

In the reference list with other scholarly publications

What will you do if the dataset already has a DOI from another data center? Will you assign a new DOI or refer to the existing DOI?

The RDA will assign a new DOI because data centers may serve data in different ways (i.e. subsets, weekly means, or derived products). 

What happens if we update our data?

How does DOI assignment work? Does the datacenter create the DOI?

DOI Registration Process

A DOI is an unchanging pointer to a dataset or to a paper, however what if a dataset evolves?

RDA DOI Use Cases

What is the status of tracking the data citation?

Tracking data citations is a current topic of discussion. We will inform the user when a method has been decided upon.

How do I cite in the body of a text if there is no author?

Cite the institution where the dataset was produced.

I want to use a DOI to cite my dataset – how do I get one assigned?

Contact the data specialist assigned to your RDA dataset to start the process.