JMA JRA55 Near Real-Time Datasets

Sept. 18, 2020
Posted by: Dave Stepaniak

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The RDA now hosts two new JRA55 near real-time datasets. For 3-hourly and 6-hourly analysis and forecast data that is auto-updated daily please see ds628.8

JRA-55: Japanese 55-year Reanalysis, Near Real-Time Data

The analysis data has 2 day delay, the forecast data 2 or 3 day delay depending on group.

For monthly mean analysis and forecast data please see ds628.9

JRA-55: Japanese 55-year Reanalysis, Near Real-Time Data -- Monthly Means and Variances

The monthly mean data for a given month is updated within the first few days of the following month. Both of these datasets represent rotating non-permanent archives. The lifetime of the 3-hourly and 6-hourly data is 7 months. The lifetime of the monthly mean data is to be determined. However, all near real-time JRA55 data is archived into their "formal" counterparts ds628.0:

JRA-55: Japanese 55-year Reanalysis, Daily 3-Hourly and 6-Hourly Data

and ds628.1

JRA-55: Japanese 55-year Reanalysis, Monthly Means and Variances

as soon as possible.