scm - summarize content metadata

(1) scm -d [ds]nnn.n -rm|-rw|-ri [tindex | all]

(2) scm -d [ds]nnn.n -f|-wf FILE

(3) scm -d [ds]nnn.n -a|-wa [type]

scm summarizes the content metadata which has been extracted from a data file scan. scm
populates RDADB with file content metadata, updates dataset summary (and optionally dataset
group) information and detailed metadata, and calls dsgen to regenerate the dataset

-d [ds]{nnn.n} The dataset number, optionally prepended with "ds".

-rm|-rw|-ri Refresh the HPSS (-rm) database, the Web (-rw) database, or the detailed
[tindex | all] inventory (-ri) database. If a dataset has groups, optionally include the
top-level index for the group to summarize, or "all" for all dataset groups.

FILE The metadata file to summarize. It resides in the
/data/web/datasets/dsnnn.n/metadata/fmd directory for an HPSS metadata file,
and the /data/web/datasets/dsnnn.n/metadata/wfmd directory for a web metadata

-f|-wf Indicates whether FILE contains metadata for an HPSS or Web file.

-a|-wa [type] summarizes every HPSS (-a) or Web (-wa) metadata file. This can be restricted
to an optional type (e.g. "GrML", "ObML", etc.) if the dataset contains
multiple data types.

scm -d 093.0 -rw

Refresh the web database for ds093.0. Examples of why you would do this:
- you added files with dsarch but did not run gatherxml; this will update the Metadata
Summary that you see from the Metadata Manager
- you ran gatherxml on many Web files with the -R and -S flags to speed up gatherxml;
now you need to update the dataset summary information for the Web files

scm -d 335.0 -rm 3

Refresh the HPSS database for group index 3 (GFS Global Extended files) of ds335.0. See above
for examples of why you would do this.

In general, you should not need to run scm separately since it is called by gatherxml.
However, in the cases noted above under EXAMPLES, you would need to run scm as described.
Usages (2) and (3) should only be used under very specific circumstances, as they are database
and compute intensive.

gatherxml, rcm, dcm, dsgen

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