RDA transitioning to ORCID for Globus login

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Aug. 25, 2023
Posted by: Thomas Cram

With the upcoming transition to ORCID for RDA user authentication, the NCAR RDA organizational identity for Globus login will be decommissioned on September 25, 2023. After this date, RDA users will no longer be able to log into Globus using the NCAR RDA identity provider. We therefore encourage users who use Globus to do the following prior to the September 25 decommission:

  1. Create a ORCID profile at https://orcid.org/
  2. Log into Globus using your ORCID created in step 1, and follow the steps to link your ORCID identity to your primary Globus account.

If the NCAR RDA identity (listed as '[email address]@oidc.rda.ucar.edu' in your Globus account settings) is set as your primary Globus identity, then the following steps will need to be taken after the September 25 decommission:

  1. Log into Globus with the identity you wish to use as your new primary identity. We recommend using ORCID as the primary identity, but it can also be another identity provider of your preference (GlobusID, Google, etc.).
  2. Link any other identities to your new Globus primary account, including your ORCID identity by following the directions to 'Link another identity' on your Globus account settings page.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional support with this transition.