ISPD version 4 subsetting

March 31, 2020
Posted by: Thomas Cram

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Regional and temporal subsetting is now available in RDA dataset ds132.2 for the International Surface Pressure Databank version 4 (ISPDv4).  This service is recommended for users who are interested in a local region and time period of interest without resorting to downloading a large volume of data files from the ISPDv4 archive.

To request a subset, go to the ds132.2 Data Access tab, then select "Get a subset".  Enter your time period and region of interest, then follow the instructions to submit your data request.  After submitting your request, the request will be processed on the NCAR computing system and we will send you an email notification with a download link when your data are ready.

Users can also browse an interactive map displaying ISPDv4 observation locations by using the Interactive Station Viewer tool.  Filters can be applied to display observation locations by time period, location, and observation type.