Change to NCAR RDA maintained ERA5 dataset, ds630.0 no longer updated

Sept. 4, 2019
Posted by: Doug Schuster

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The full time series of the RDA maintained ERA-5 dataset is being made available under ds633.0 -ERA5 Reanalysis (0.25 Degree Latitude-Longitude Grid)!description.  We expect ds633.0 to include data from 1979 - present by the end of Sep, 2019.  Processing and archiving of data to ds630.0 ERA5 Reanalysis,!description has been discontinued and the web access will be removed within the next two months, once the full time range has been made available in ds633.0.

For background, processing and publication of data to ds630.0 was stopped in April, 2019, due to  the length of time it was taking to update that dataset.  It was estimated that it would take around 6-7 years to download, process, and archive data in ds630.0 using legacy strategies versus around 1 year to download, process, and archive the full time series (1950 - present)  of the 0.25x0.25 gridded data staged online in the Copernicus Climate Data Store.

We encourage you to modify all RDA supported ERA-5 workflows to use ds633.0,!description as soon as possible.