A variable or parameter is the quantity that is measured, derived, or computed - e.g. the data value.
This refers to the type of data values - e.g. grid (interpolated or computed gridpoint data), platform observation (in-situ and remotely sensed measurements), etc.
This refers to the distance in time between discrete observation measurements, model product valid times, etc.
The platform is the entity or type of entity that acquired or computed the data (e.g. aircraft, land station, reanalysis model).
This refers to the horizontal distance between discrete gridpoints of a model product, reporting stations in a network, measurements of a moving platform, etc.
Topic and subtopic are high-level groupings of parameters - e.g. Atmosphere (topic), Clouds (subtopic of Atmosphere).
This is the scientific project, field campaign, or experiment that acquired the data.
This refers to data that were acquired to support a scientific project or experiment (e.g. GATE) or that can be used as ingest for a project (e.g. WRF).
This refers to the structure of the bitstream used to encapsulate the data values in a record or file - e.g ASCII, netCDF, etc.
The type of instrument that was used to collect the data.
This is the name of the (usually geographic) location or region for which the data are valid.
This refers to the status of the dataset. A progress of "Complete" means that the dataset is in its final form and does not receive regular updates. A progress of "Continually Updated" means that the dataset receives regular updates that extend the ending date/time of the dataset to keep it current.
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