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FSU COAPS Research Vessel Data

| DOI: 10.5065/BMFB-B492

The Center for Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction Studies (COAPS) through their Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center (RVSMDC) collect, quality control check, and archive high-resolution marine surface data taken aboard ocean research vessels. The measurements are made with modern and calibrated instrument packages with sampling on the order of one-minute frequency. This is a long-term archive for these data. These data and near real-time extensions can be obtained directly from the RVSMDC.

To support the International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS) a representative hourly archive is derived from the high-resolution data. These data are available here as archive files and conveniently through ICOADS user data selection interface as 'ICOADS Auxiliary Data Selection'.

Temporal Range:
1990 to 1998
Air Temperature Dew Point Temperature Humidity Sea Level Pressure
Sea Surface Temperature Shortwave Radiation Surface Winds
Vertical Levels:
Ground or water surface
Data Types:
Platform Observation
Data Contributors:
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Florida State University
Total Volume:
200.38 MB
Data Formats:
ASCII (see dataset documentation), netCDF
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Metadata Record:
Data License:
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