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United Kingdom Climate Model Outputs for Carbon Dioxide Studies

| DOI: 10.5065/R7BW-CY73

This dataset contains model outputs from climate models that were run by the United Kingdom Met Office in 1986, 1990, and 1992.

The 1986 low-resolution equilibrium runs include a control (1xCO2) run and a 2xCO2 run, both at 48 by 36 global resolution. We received monthly 15-year climatologies of maximum, minimum, and mean surface temperature, surface wind speed, sea-level pressure, precipitation, incoming solar radiation, and boundary layer temperature and humidity from these runs.

The 1990 high-resolution equilibrium runs include a control run and an anomaly (2xCO2) run, both at 96 by 72 global resolution. From these runs, we received numerous parameters as a 10-year daily time series and as monthly, seasonal, and annual 10-year climatologies.

The 1992 75-year transient experiment includes a control run with CO2 set at 323 ppm and a 1% per year compounded CO2 increase run, both at 96 by 72 global resolution. We received 10-year climatologies of soil moisture, precipitation, surface temperature, and surface solar radiation for decades 1, 6, and 8.

Air Temperature Boundary Layer Temperature Cloud Base Height Cloud Frequency
Cloud Liquid Water/Ice Evaporation Evaporation Geopotential Height
Heat Flux Heat Flux Humidity Incoming Solar Radiation
Longwave Radiation Maximum/Minimum Temperature Outgoing Longwave Radiation Planetary Boundary Layer Height
Precipitation Amount Runoff Sea Level Pressure Shortwave Radiation
Snow Snow Depth Snow Melt Soil Moisture/Water Content
Soil Temperature Surface Pressure Wind Stress Wind Stress
Vertical Levels:
Ground or water surface 850 mbar 700 mbar 500 mbar
250 mbar 0.022 sigma 0.089 sigma 0.16 sigma
0.23 sigma 0.32 sigma 0.44 sigma 0.58 sigma
0.72 sigma 0.84 sigma 0.94 sigma 0.98 sigma
0.99 sigma
Temporal Frequencies:
Every month (Mean) , Monthly Climatology, Winter Season Climatology, Spring Season Climatology, Summer Season Climatology, Autumn Season Climatology, Annual Climatology
Data Types:
Spatial Coverage:
Longitude Range: Westernmost=180W Easternmost=180E
Latitude Range: Southernmost=90S Northernmost=90N Detailed coverage information
Data Contributors:
Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom
Wilson, C. A. and J. F. B. Mitchell, 1987: A Doubled CO2 Climate Sensitivity Experiment with a Global Climate Model including a Simple Ocean J. Geophys. Res., 92(11), 13315-13343.

Total Volume:
150.88 MB (Entire dataset) Volume details by dataset product
Data Formats:
Binary (see dataset documentation)
Metadata Record:
Data License:
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