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A quantity that is measured, computed, or derived (e.g. - temperature, precipitation amount, etc.)
The type of data values - e.g. grid (interpolated or computed gridpoints), platform observation (in-situ or remotely sensed measurements, etc.
The time distance between discrete observation measurements, model product valid times, etc. A time resolution of "Hourly to < Daily" means data that occurs more often than once per day but no more often than once per hour.
The entity that acquired or computed the data (e.g. - aircraft, land station, reanalysis model)
The horizontal distance between discrete gridpoints, stations, measurements, etc.
Topic and subtopic are high-level groupings of parameters (e.g. - Atmosphere (topic), Clouds (subtopic of Atmosphere) ).
The scientific project or experiment that acquired the data
Data that were acquired to support a project/experiment (e.g. - GATE) or that can be used as ingest for a project (e.g. - WRF)
The structure of the bitstream used to encapsulate the data values in a record or file (e.g - ASCII, netCDF, etc.)
The name of the location or region for which the data are valid

This page contains access to format descriptions that apply the BUFR format.

The Research Data Archive is managed by the Data Support Section of the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. NCAR is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

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