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Archive Format - post-proccessed file archive format:

Example: C1.TAR.GZ means ASCII COS blocked, then tarred, and then gzipped.

* COS blocks can be checked and removed by the Unix utility programs 'cosfile', 'cossplit', and 'cosconvert'. These utilities are available on most CISL computers; otherwise see our COS-blocking documentation page at http://rda.ucar.edu/index.html#cosb to download them.

Usage of Buttons:Csh/Python/Jupyter scripts for downloading the selected files are available via the buttons labeled 'Csh Download Script'/'Python Download Script'/'Jupyter Download Script'. To run the csh download script, the internet download utility program 'wget' must exist on your system.

 What is Globus?

Usage of the filelist checkboxes:

Click the checkbox at the top of this column to select/unselect all data files in the file list. If checkboxes of two individual files are selected with unselected ones between, you will be given the option to include them.

INDEX File Name Description Size Software
1 readpb.tar Example Fortran program to decode NCEP PREPBUFR files .. 30.7K Fortran TAR 08/21/2013
2 colors.pro A third-party IDL routine to produce a user-specified .. 495B IDL   11/22/2010
3 plot_adpupa_skewt.pro This example idl routine produces skew-T, log-p diagrams .. 4.6K IDL   11/22/2010
4 plot_adpupa_station.pro This example IDL program produces vertical profiles of .. 5.6K IDL   11/17/2010
5 skewt.pro Additional third-party IDL routines required to produce .. 17.6K IDL   11/22/2010
6 skewt_station.ncl This example NCL program produces a skew-T, log-p .. 5.2K NCL   05/09/2011
7 BUFRLIB_v11-0-0.tar NCEP BUFR software library v11.0.0 1.4M Fortran TAR 03/31/2015