ERA40 Model Resolution Gridded Surface, Vertical Integrals, and Other Single Level Fields from ECMWF

Vertical Integrals

There are 33 Vertical Integrals described in terms of GRIB Code Table 162.

Parameter NameDescriptionUnitsComments
51 Surface geopotential  m**2 s**-2  -
52 Surface pressure  Pa  -
53 Vertical integral of mass of atmosphere  Nkg m**-2  -
54 Vertical integral of temperature  K kg m**-2  -
55 Vertical integral of total column water vapour  kg m**-2  -
56 Vertical integral of total column liquid cloud water  kg m**-2  -
57 Vertical integral of total column frozen cloud water  kg m**-2  -
58 Vertical integral of total column ozone  kg m**-2  -
59 Vertical integral of kinetic energy  J m**-2  -
60 Vertical integral of thermal energy  J m**-2  -
61 Vertical integral of dry static energy  J m**-2  -
62 Vertical integral of moist static energy  J m**-2  -
63 Vertical integral of total energy  J m**-2  -
64 Vertical integral of energy conversion  W m**-2  -
65 Vertical integral of eastward mass flux  Jkg m**-1 s**-1  -
66 Vertical integral of northward mass flux  kg m**-1 s**-1  -
67 Vertical integral of eastward kinetic energy flux  W m**-2  -
68 Vertical integral of northward kinetic energy flux  W m**-2  -
69 Vertical integral of eastward heat flux  W m**-2  -
70 Vertical integral of northward heat flux  W m**-2  -
71 Vertical integral of eastward water vapour flux  kg m**-1 s**-1  -
72 Vertical integral of northward water vapour flux  kg m**-1 s**-1  -
73 Vertical integral of eastward geopotential flux  W m**-2  -
74 Vertical integral of northward geopotential flux  W m**-2  -
75 Vertical integral of eastward total energy flux  W m**-2  -
76 Vertical integral of northward total energy flux  W m**-2  -
77 Vertical integral of eastward ozone flux  kg m**-1 s**-1  -
78 Vertical integral of northward ozone flux  kg m**-1 s**-1  -
81 Vertical integral of divergence of mass flux  kg m**-2 s**-1  -
82 Vertical integral of divergence of kinetic energy flux  W m**-2  -
83 Vertical integral of divergence of thermal energy flux  W m**-2  -
84 Vertical integral of divergence of moisture flux  kg m**-2 s**-1  -
85 Vertical integral of divergence of geopotential flux  W m**-2  -
86 Vertical integral of divergence of total energy flux  W m**-2  -
87 Vertical integral of divergence of ozone flux  kg m**-2 s**-1  -